Rise Above 6-Month Course

This program is specifically designed for those that have had affiliation with addiction in any way. Whether you are in recovery, an enabler, have been witness to addiction or have been affected by addiction this program was created for you.

Rise Above is a 6-month program that helps totally change who you are by leaving the addiction where it belongs, in the past. You will learn to totally embrace the person that you were always meant to be and find the love and compassion that has been hidden within you that never left, it just needs to be reclaimed.

You will look at addiction in a whole different perspective and I will teach how to dissolve all the negativity and change your identity that is associated with it. You will learn to embrace the loving soul within you and allow to receive your greatness. 

I Want to Rise Above!

What's Included

Rise Above is a comprehensive study in the transformational power of mindset & manifesting. Each lesson is taught over 2-weeks; the first week presents the lesson itself & the second week will teach you to become the person you're meant to be.

12 Lessons

Each lesson takes you deeper into self-awareness and discovery. You will learn that YOU are in control, and gain tools to create the life you've always desired. 

12 Embodiment Practices

Every lesson has a set of exercises that teach you to embody the material so that you become the person you need to be to fulfill your greatest purpose. 

Live Weekly Q&A

Weekly live Q&A time will assist your understanding of the lessons and help you confidently receive the good you deserve in your life. 

Tap into Your Greatness Today!

Don't let another moment pass wondering if you truly can have a life you love - one filled with abundance, joy, and all your long-held desires. You are worthy of the good you desire! Rise Above will teach you mindset and manifesting tools you can use to create exactly the life you want. 

Take Me to Rise Above!